Nite Train

2018 ...Celebrating 15 Years of ROLLIN' in Capital-Land with ROCKIN' BLUES!!!

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Nite Train - Audio Samples!

Nite Train - Turn Me Loose
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Nite Train - Pride N Joy
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Nite Train - Shake, Rattle N Roll
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Nite Train - Brown Sugar
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"Five Star" Review!!:
This band is great! You can't help but have a
good time with em as they're not only top-notch
musicians but you can tell they genuinely Love
what they're doing. Their set list has broad
appeal and their high-energy fun is infectious!
I booked them for a Festival I organized in
Binghamton, NY and have already booked them
again for yet another festival I'm organizing
later this summer. Nite Train rocks!
- Dana S.[Festival Promoter] (Binghamton, N.Y.)

"Five Star" Review!!:
Perfect! Nite Train was fantastic! Arrived on time,
Played the best songs including one we had requested they learn!
Fun and engaging with my guests.
I know you will not be disappointed with this band!

- Barbara and Vinnie N. (Birthday party Hosts, Coxsackie, N.Y.)

"Five Star" Review!!:
These guys saved me. I wanted to do something
memorable for my daughter's Birthday. Nite
Train reached out to me and saved the day! In
less than 48 hrs, Nite Train booked (the event),
travelled to CT and rocked! It was excellent!
Courteous, professional and reasonable too...
Nite Train defies gravity!
- Robin R. (Plantsville, CT.)

"Five Star" Review!!:
This band is great! Very good music and they really
interact well with the crowd. I will ask them back for
my next party and highly recommend them to all if you
want great entertainment for your event!
- Ronnie B. (Manchester Center, VT.)

Nite Train Line-up

Nite Train adds Marcus Benoit (Keys/Sax/Vocals) back to the line-up!

Marcus's History with Nite Train goes WAY back...and he's a True Talent who is always welcome on the Nite Train bandstand! It's great to have Marcus join us when he can...and we are ELATED to announce that he WILL be in the line-up for ALTAMONT FAIR!!!

Nite Train adds Paul Quigley (Guitar/Vocals) back to the line-up!

Paul is a talented guitarist...and it's Great to have him onstage again with us at many recent and upcoming performances!!! Paul brings a Boatload of talent with him to Nite Train!!!

Nite Train is Elated to have Al Kash on Drums!!!

Al Kash is an astounding drummer who adds a LOT to the Nite Train's sound!! Come out and watch this interesting "stick-man" perform his craft!!! We feature him on several Drum Solos, too!!

Nite Train is excited to add Mike Kelley (keyboards/vocals) on various performances!

Mike Kelly (of The Sharks, Ernie Williams, and Blotto) joins the Nite Train for several performances! Nite Train sounds GREAT with Mike on keys and vocals! Join us to see how his talents step our sound up yet another notch!!

The Nite Train Band has been entertaining Capital District crowds since its’ inception in March of 2003.
The band has come a long way since its’ first show, with the most radical
upheaval occurring in 2006 when bassist/band-leader Ken Briggs..set out about
the task of turning the band into a Horn Band! The all-original CD, "Best Man", is particularly impressing critics:
"A Rollicking new collection of 10 original tunes that should have the dance floor hopping all night long...a howling horn section.
The proof is on the rip-snorting disc!” - Greg Haymes (Albany Times Union)" Buy this Album

Nite Train Ecstatic to play =Live= ON A TRAIN!...Saturday, July 8th from 7pm to 10pm (show goes til 10pm)!

Nite Train is STOKED to Play On the Cooperstownn Blues Express Train!!! - Leaves Milford NY Train Depot at 7pm!! - < - CALL to Book NOW: (607) 432.2429 or (607) 353.8030 - Hope to see you ON the Train (For light eats and Cocktails!)

Nite Train Was LIVE on Radio with Sonny Speed!...Monday, Feb.27th from 8pm to 9pm (show goes til 10pm)!

Nite Train was on WRPI (91.5) and Streaming Online at www.WRPI.Org!

Nite Train Performed LIVE For a Clearwater Benefit!...Sunday, March 5th from 2pm to 7pm (show goes most of the afternoon)!

Nite Train will sing 3 Pete Seeger Songs & Join Betty & The Baby Boomers and 5 other bands at The "Linda" (central & quail, Albany!)!
I am REALLY Proud to be a Part of This EventMy parents, Ken & Trudy Briggs were good personal friends with Pete Seeger and his wife, Toshi. Here;s a Personal letter to my Dad that Pete wrote (see the neat cartoon Banjo he drew near his signature! !

Nite Train Will HEADLINE this year's Marathon for A Better Life in Cobleskill this year!..Saturday, June 3rd from 5pm to 9pm (There are Raffles, Events & Give-aways ALL DAY!)!

Nite Train is Ecstatic To HeadlineThe Marathon for Life at SUNY Cobleskill Campus! See Flyer For more info.!

Nite Train's "Marathon Music Fest" performance was SO Landed the Band a Slot at the ROCK & ROAR Music Festival at Ross Park ZOO in Binghamton!

Nite Train performed on Sun., Sept, 4th at the ROCK -N- ROAR Music Festival at Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton! What A BLAST we had at thus gig! Special Thanks to Bob Rynone and Dana Stewart and Voodoo Highway for Hosting the "Rock and Roar" Festival today at the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton!!! The Nite Train Band, originally CAGED, Broke LOOSE for a ROUSING First Set at the Music Festival!!! Thanks to Bob, Dana, Voodoo Highway, the Ross Park Zoo...and all the Great Fans, Friends and NEW Fans we made at The Festival!

Nite Train was Excited to be ASKED to perform at MARATHON BLUES MUSIC FESTIVAL in Binghamton! More Info. At:
Nite Train Had a BLAST when it performed on Sun., May 29th(8pm) at the Peacemaker (MLK) stage at the Marathon Music Festival in Binghamton!

Nite Train was psyched to perform on the "Peacemaker" (MLK) Stage!

Nite Train was Elated to help Binghamton for their first Marathon Music Fest

Nite Train even ended up on the Marathon Music Fest T-Shirt!!

Nite Train Had a BLAST when it performed on Sat., August 15th (8pm) at the Altamont Fair with the "High Voltage Horns"!!

We were Saturday Night Headliners at The Altamont Fair!! What a BLAST this was!! We're ELATED that Nite Train featured TWO Female Vocalists: Marla Briggs...=and= Ashley Petersen!! Performing with us instrument-wise featured: Al Kash(Drums), Marcus Benoit (Keyboards/Sax/vocals), Paul Quigley (Guitars/vocals), Ken Briggs (bass/vocals), and with "High Voltage Horns": Dave Fisk(Sax), Sam Ponder(Trumpet), and Travis Malone(Trombone)!!! We performed on the Reid Northrup Stage in "The Grove"!!!!

Nite Train - Videos!

Nite Train Live at the Lucky Strike "Jupiter Room" - Brown Sugar - December 8, 2016!

Nite Train Live at the Lucky Strike "Jupiter Room" - Shaky Ground - December 8, 2016!

Nite Train Live at the Lucky Strike "Jupiter Room" - Lovin Cup - December 8, 2016!

Nite Train Live at the Lucky Strike "Jupiter Room" - Into the Mystic - December 8, 2016!

Nite Train as Saturday night headliners at Altamont Fair, 2015!

Marla Briggs (Nite Train) sings "If You Ever Touch Me" at the Motown & More show at the Linda Norris Auditorium!!

Nite Train at CDPHP Corporate Challenge - Performed "Junkyard Dog" on the sidewalk at Lark Tavern (Albany NY) for over 10,000 runners and walkers!!

Nite Train at CDPHP Corporate Challenge - Performed "Men Are From Mars" on the sidewalk at Lark Tavern (Albany NY) for over 10,000 runners and walkers!!

Marla Briggs (Nite Train) sings "If You Ever Touch Me" at the Palace Theatre!

Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown) joins Ken Briggs and Nite Train Onstage at SCCC!

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